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Learn the high-impact focus skills used by top founders for peak performance

The ONLY course that gives you the mindset and systems to fuel your focus. Inoculate distractions & doubt with no-BS neuroscience methods. Level-up your effectiveness.

Ever feel like you're steering your business blindfolded?

You’re hustling non-stop, aiming to scale your business sky-high.

But here’s the problem: your to-do list is jam packed, you’re working all the hours you have, and yet, that sense of achievement? Nowhere in sight.

Sounds familiar?

It’s time to stop hustling harder — and start steering smarter.

Founders admit
Lack of focus is a major barrier to business growth
Wasted Daily
Spent working on unnecessary tasks
More Likely
Entrepreneurs will have mental health issues
Lost yearly
Due to work-related procrastination

You're not just another cog in the machine; you're the one building it

Why does it feel like your days are a blur of tasks with little to show for it?

It’s not about your dedication or skill. It’s about the approach. You’re playing the game by the old rules — more hours, more hustle, equals more success.

But guess what? Those rules are outdated and only lead to self doubt and burnout.

It’s time for a new playbook.

Adam Fraiel

Without time, energy is useless
Without energy, focus fades
Without focus, time slips away

My weak link was focus

Thank you Dave Meier for plugging that gap

Anirudh Bhargav

Dave's "Focus Modes" system helps you be 10x your productivity YOUR way.

My focus and productivity were a mess. I was never able to stick to any system because they were all super restrictive.

The best part with Dave's system is that it fits in with whatever productivity system you are already using.


I doubled my productivity in one day!!!

Utilize my ultradian rhythm and break my work into shorter blocks. Focus on my most important tasks when energy is high.

Such a small change has already made a huge difference.

Distractions are an attack on your focus

You’re sucked up by a whirlwind of distractions, miles away from where you actually need to be.

But what if you could face that storm and channel its energy? By understanding how your mind functions, you’ll build a fortress against distractions. Discover science-backed strategies to align your tasks with your moments of peak concentration.

Ready to go from being constantly fried to fully focused?

Throwing more hours at something doesn't guarantee better results

Let’s shatter a dangerous myth.

More hours at your desk won’t become more success. It’s a trap I’ve seen countless founders fall into. Hustling day and night, thinking that “just one more hour” will turn things around.

But what really happens is burnout, decision fatigue, and sadly, even slower growth.

Success isn’t about the volume of hours — it’s about the value of those hours. The smartest founders get this. They don’t just work longer; they work with focused effectiveness.

It’s time to shift from a quantity grind to a quality journey.

A neuroscience based system — combined with real lived no-BS business advice

Designed for founders and business owners — Focus Modes redefines productivity, focusing on strategic task alignment and cognitive effectiveness.

You’ll learn how to be most primed for action, and how to align your actions strategically with your mental state.

You’re not just going to learn how to do more; you’re going to learn how to do the right things at the right time. This means accomplishing your goals with greater ease, and finding a sense of clarity and purpose that you never thought possible.

Focus Modes isn’t just a course — it’s a mindset shift.

I’ve condensed everything – all the methods, processes, and actionable advice – into a crisp 90 minutes. No beating around the bush, no fluff. Just straight-to-the-point strategies you can start applying today.

Morgen Victoria

Dave is one of my favorite creators.

His brilliant insights on productivity and focus have been a game changer for me.

The way he blends neuroscience with real-world tips is just mind-blowing!

Grateful for his wisdom and highly recommend.

Delles Simon

Before meeting Dave and learning about Focus Modes I had trouble understanding how much cognitive effort each of my tasks would take.

I needed a simple way to understand the different modes of focus for my life. I needed a way to get things done and not feel upset about what I couldn't get done for the day. With Dave's help, I have a new frame of mind on how to manage my workload and move closer to stress free productivity.

Phantom Observer

What a brilliant mind.

Breaking down focus and simplifying the mindset for productive ways to address focus

Simply awe inspiring Dave Meier

Thoughts become the true trickle down value from experienced gurus like these 🙏💜

From a distracted procrastinator to an effective entrepreneur

After years of running businesses I was tired.

I was “always on”, always hustling, never having enough energy left for my family, friends or even myself. I’d hit burnout so many times it became just another day. Something had to change.

So I began looking into neuroscience, biology and the pyschology of professional athletes. I gained an understanding of motivation, capability and effectiveness. Small experiments lead to huge results.

I tripled my daily deep work.

But the best part? It felt easier than ever because I was working the way my brain and body did — not against them. My system gave me back time and energy.

And that’s what I want for you. I want you to become fully present where your feet are. To give 100% in every area of your life. To be effective in what you do. But to also have energy left in the tank to enjoy your success and what matters most to you.

What you'll learn in the course?

This course is your painkiller for the constant headache of distractions.

Cut out the noise, charge your focus and control your day. Get the system and methods top performer use.


Focus Foundation

  • Defining Focus
  • Neuroscience of Focus
  • Business Athlete Mindset

Find Your Focus: Learn the Focus Modes

  • Deep Dive into Focus Modes
  • Mode #1: Park
  • Mode #2: Off-road
  • Mode #3: Sports
  • Mode #4: Eco

Procrastination Slayer: Structuring Your Day for Success

  • Cognitive Capacity
  • Task-Mode Alignment
  • Mode-Specific Sessions
  • Strategic Daily Scheduling
  • Maximizing Peak Performance
  • Measuring and Amplifying Results

Fixing Focus: Inoculate your biggest barriers to focus

  • The Procrastination Paradox
  • Escape the ‘Always-On’ Trap
  • Pivoting and Adapting to Change
  • Interruption Immunity: Navigating the Noise

Supercharged Systems: Integrate Focus Modes into Your Workflow

  • Calendar
  • Task Manager
  • Daily Planner
  • Notion
  • Pen & Paper
  • ✅ Full video course
  • ✅ All templates
  • ✅ All bonuses
  • ❌ 1-1 deep dive call with Dave (60mins)
  • ✅ Full video course
  • ✅ All templates
  • ✅ All bonuses
  • ✅ 1-1 deep dive call with Dave (60mins)

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I will be launching a public waitlist later

100% money-back guarantee

I’m looking for people who are ready to use focus with clarity, intention and impact. If you complete the course materials and feel you did not get any value within 14 days of joining, I will refund your full investment.

Your Questions, Answered

One of my biggest goals is to empower you to take action straight after the course. As you get more familiar with the framework, incorporating it into your routine will become seamless and natural.

Absolutely! Focus Modes is a versatile framework that can easily be integrated with other productivity systems, methods, or tools you’re already using. The course will also provide guidance on customising the framework to suit your specific needs.

Don’t worry, the Focus Modes framework is designed to be accessible and understandable even if you’re new to productivity concepts. The course will guide you through the entire process, step by step.

Focus Modes is designed to accommodate fluctuating schedules and priorities. The framework’s flexibility allows you to adapt and modify your approach as needed, ensuring that you stay focused and productive even when your schedule changes.

Focus Modes is roughly 90-120 minutes long and is a video course, with Notion templates for actionable parts of the system, plus some additional bonus modules that are text-based.

Nope. Focus Modes can be applied to whatever apps you choose to use. I share demos within certain apps but the ideas are universal.

You will have access to the course for up to 6 months from time of purchase.

I’ve bought a lot of courses with lifetime deals. It helps nobody. Students don’t take it as seriously when there is less urgency. Creators don’t update their lifetime course because there is no incentive for them.

Make the Decision for Success

You’ve explored the potential, witnessed the transformation in others, and understood the science.

Now, it’s your turn to step into the world of enhanced focus. Enrol in the Focus Modes course today and start your journey from overwhelmed entrepreneur to a focused, effective founder.

Now is the time to decide. Are you ready to become the most productive, focused, and successful you?

Yes please